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This Instructional DVD For Tattooing Realistic Color Portraits takes you step-by-step through the process of creating amazing, full color portraits. Mike Devries, one of today’s most respected professional tattoo artists, shows you the tricks of the trade.

In the vast world of tattoo art, the exciting genre of realism has quickly exploded onto the scene, opening a whole new door to tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike. As a portrait/realism tattoo artist, Mike Devries and his work have been described as “Amazing”, “Cutting-Edge”, and “A Revoloutionary In The Field”. Now, this ink maestro shows you some of his tricks of the trade; Giving comprehensive and instructive information as he walks you through a realistic tattoo. Everything from Set-up and Stencil Steps...to Color Theory and Technique. This DVD allows you to sneak inside the mind of Devries and learn from one of the most notable tattoo artists in the realism biz!

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